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Avoid Septic Tank Nightmares

Fact:  The State Health department recommends that you pump your septic tank every 3-5 years

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Most people don’t think about their septic tank until there’s a problem, but by then, things can become messy and expensive. Just like other aspects of your home, proper maintenance of a septic system will keep you from costly repairs. The longer you wait the more it may cost you to fix any problems with your system. Septic tank pumping is a simple process that can save serious headaches down the road. Call us to get an idea of septic tank pumping cost in your area today.

Why Use Hero Septic?

Simple. We’re very upfront with our pricing. Believe it or not, there are plenty of septic tank service companies out there that separate pricing for:

  • Locating your septic tank
  • Digging up your yard to examine your septic system
  • Pumping solids from your septic tank
  • Using more than 25 feet of hoses to pump your tank.

We have one charge for the entire process. Our septic tank pumping cost is $295 (with coupon and to pump up to 1000 gallons). That includes all the things above. No hidden cost pricing.

When it comes to septic tanks, let Hero Septic save your day. Whether you need septic tank pumping, maintenance or repair, we’re the company you can relay on to be there when you need us and to do the job right. We can also help you with septic system installations as well as repairs or pumps. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, so we feel we have to prove ourselves with every call. When you have septic tank problems, call Hero Septic today.

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