Pressure Jetting

Sewer and Septic line cleaning.

The safest and easiest way to unstop a Sewer or Septic line, is to use a Pressure Jetter.


A Roto Rooter does not fully clean a Sewer or Septic line and it can damage a Septic or Sewer line.

A Pressure Jetter uses water pressure which does no physical damage to a Sewer or Septic Line and polishes it clean.

How it works:

Over the years Septic Contractors have come up with plenty of ingenious ways to solve Septic problems. These problem solving ideas make their work easier, which means that they can be more competitive with their pricing and this directly benefit you.

Years ago, when people had Field Line problems it usually meant replacing their Field Lines and digging up their yard and destroying their landscaping.

Pressure Jetting has greatly reduced this problem, and it is a fraction of the cost of a complete System repair or replacement.

Digging a hole as small as 2 foot square, accessing the Field Line and cleaning the Field line pipe with high water pressure can, in most cases, completely solve a Field Line problem.

This Pressure Jetting can liquefy sludge that may be in the Field Line, eat through a large clog and/or open the pores in the ground so that your Field Lines can begin absorbing water again.

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