Field Line Repair

If you are having any problems with slow draining, gurgling toilets, odors, wet spots in your yard, etc., you need to contact someone soon in order to keep what may be a small problem from getting worse (and more costly).

The best way to keep from having a major Field Line problem is to have your tank cleaned and inspected.

Field line repair is the most labor intensive and costly service provided by your Septic Contractor.

The reason for this is obvious; the hazards, material cost, labor, time, equipment, etc.

The average cost under most circumstances to replace a concrete baffle with PVC (plastic) that will never crack, or break, $100 – $200.

Which would you rather do; Spend $100 – $200 to replace a baffle while someone is cleaning your tank, or wait until you have to spend $4000 – $5000 on replacing your entire System and having your entire yard dug up.

The most important thing that must be protected is the Field Line. The only thing that is supposed to enter the field line is “Liquid”. If any solids/semi-solids enter the field line they can cause all kinds of costly problems which can ruin the soil’s ability to absorb water. This can cause clogs, leaks, a backup in the building etc.

That is only one of many examples that could be given to demonstrate why people need to have their tanks cleaned and inspected

The entire Septic System works in two ways;

1. the Septic Tank holds all of the solids/semi-solids that come from the house to the Septic Tank and
2. the “Liquid” that comes from the house to the Septic Tank spills-over from the Tank to the Field Line system which allows the “Liquid” to slowly absorb into the ground.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s here in GA the Septic Tanks used to be installed with a concrete form on the outlet side of the Septic Tank. This concrete form is called a baffle, it is the only barrier protecting the Field Line from solids entering it. These baffles were notorious for cracking and breaking off, when this happened there was nothing protecting the Field Line from being filled with solid material, in weeks an otherwise perfect Septic System was greatly damaged, or ruined. This led to thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement costs..

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