About Us

Hero Septic; Because everyone needs a Hero.

We are your Home Emergency Response Operators, i.e. ’H.E.R.O’


Hero Septic performs all types of commercial, industrial and residential septic pumping, sewer cleaning, septic service and repair work, but our emphasis is residential work. Your property is your most personal space and we work hard to respect this, knowing that you expect your basic level of comfort to continue unhindered. In a perfect world, there would never be a need for a septic company, but the world is imperfect and anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Whenever you find yourself affected by septic related issues, we treat your property as we would treat our own home, and do our best to find the simplest, least invasive way to resolve any issues that you may be having with your septic or sewer system.


We perform maintenance work on non-problematic septic systems regularly, but most of our work is emergency response work. Emergency work takes priority over basic septic maintenance and we respond more quickly to these situations. The reason for this is self evidence; the health of safety of property owners and their property. The word ’septic’ means ‘bacteria’; any leaks or backups connected to a septic system, can expose people and property to bacteria that can negatively affect health and cause property damage. The Golden-Rule is our general rule of response to emergency issues. From emergency septic pumping to septic repair, we work hard to get your life flowing in the right direction again.


As stated above, we try to respond as quickly as possible to our customers, taking their specific situations into account. We can set up our appointments around our customer’s schedule. We usually provide a window of time for the performance of our work. Under normal circumstances (depending on the time of day services are requested) we can perform work for our customers on the same or next day. If there is any reason that we cannot respond in a timely manner, we will give our customers a list of trusted companies in their area that may be able to respond sooner.


Each of our operating technicians have at least five years of septic and sewer experience, they are state certified in their respective fields of expertise (septic pumping, septic repair and septic installation), they have experience in the use of medium size and heavy machinery, and all of them are CDL certified drivers. Besides the state required continuing education for state certification, we as a company, require our technicians to always be researching to find new and better ways to perform our services and to benefit our customers. You can rest easy knowing that you can trust the technicians that we send to your property.

Our service area includes all of metro Atlanta as well as Athens. Call us today for all your septic tank and sewer needs.